Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first post!!!

Ok so I have had this blog for awhile now and not made a post. 1 reason being im not happy about my background and header and hopefully it will be as fabulous and yalls soon! I have really enjoyed reading on others blogs and through that guess what I learned to do! I love shopping (who doesn't huh) I went to the store and spent a couple of dollars (literally a couple) and came home with lots!!!!!!!! who doesn't like that!

Here is a picture of my 1st shopping trip to walmart:(except the toilet paper came from kroger) I do not really understand the whole concept ( I know you are thinking who needs 6 bas of johnson and buddies soap) but who doesn't when you get these items for FREE!!! Yes i said FREE!!!. I bought the 6 bars of soap and 2 first aid kids at walmart and after my coupons i actually recieved $1.24 towards my groceries I was buying!! I got the 4 pack of cottonelle toilet paper for 5 cents at kroger (remember they double coupons up to .60 cents or a dollar Ive heard both) Who doesnt love that and don't worry in one of my next posts I will share the "secret" on how you can get these items for free too. It is no longer a secret now that I know it!!

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Danita said...

Awesome deals!! Cant wait to hear the secret!